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Make your dream home a reality

Älvsbytalo develops, manufactures and sells prefab homes designed for a northern climate and lifestyle.

Based on market-leading prefab housing expertise in Sweden, we can provide a quality-price ratio that is second to none. You can select your favorite house model from 19 modern designs. Customize it to your taste with a selection of add-ons, such as terraces, balconies, special window panels and various other options. These designs range from 1 to 1.5 floor houses, with size alternatives from 62.5 to 150.6 square meters.

Over 44,000 families have already chosen an Älvsbytalo house as their home. Your move-in ready home will be supplied quickly and effortlessly. When we build for you, you can spend the time with your family and friends.

The 10 reasons to choose Älvsbytalo:

  1. Guaranteed high quality
  2. Affordable to buy, build and live in
  3. Turnkey – ready to move in
  4. Rapid overall process
  5. Good terms – no prepayment
  6. Options to fulfill your taste
  7. Always on schedule
  8. Energy-efficient
  9. Finnish factory and assembly team
  10. One supplier – one agreement

How to build a house

Select the house model best suited for your family from our new selection and customise it into your dream home with our 150 additional options. Garage, terrace, balcony, extra storage space, more or larger windows... You can add beautiful details, practical features or both according to your preference. We will walk with you the whole way from your purchase decision to the house’s completion

Affordable price

Älvsbytalo’s prefab houses are inexpensive to buy and easy to construct. Whether rainy fall or cold winter, this is a house you can buy and build all year round. The elements of the house are manufactured inside in modern factory facilities protected from the weather, and then safely transported to your site, where our professional team will assemble your new home within schedule and budget. You only need to choose your options and move in.

Safely on a turnkey basis

We will supply the house in a safe and practical manner with a move-in ready result. You only need one contract for the house and standard foundation. Älvsbytalo is known for sticking to the stated price and agreed schedule. You do not need to pay until the house is ready. With us, building a house goes smoothly with no worries.

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The building of an Älvsbytalo house is a well-designed and systematic process. Your Älvsbytalo seller will help and support you at every step.

19 homes

Our house selection offers versatile options for single-family home living. The new layouts are more spacious and flexible. You can adjust them to suit your preferences, needs and life situation. Älvsbytalo is a home that will live and grow with you.

Over 150 options

We offer a large number of options for customising your home just the way you want it. Create a cosy atmosphere with our wide range of options for interior design materials. Design a functional home with spatial solutions and practical everyday details to suit your family.

Energy Wall

Our wall structure, Energy Wall, is sustainable and energy-efficient. It is designed to withstand the whole range of Nordic weather from arctic frosts to the summer sun. You will get a sound and healthy house with modern exterior walls that meet the increasingly strict energy-efficiency requirements. 

New move-in ready home

“Oh, is this our new home!” The day that the house is raised is an emotional one, and it is wonderful to move into your new home. We think it is great that we get to build your dream home! 

Alvar house model, 2 rooms, kitchen and sauna. Net floor area: 84.8 m² + pre-prepared upstairs 39.1 m²


Älvsbytalo house owner Maija’s tips for builders of a new home

  • Consider your needs and plan the layout accordingly.
  • Determine the actual costs of your house. Don’t forget the living costs!
  • I chose Älvsbytalo: The pricing is clear, living costs are low and the experiences of other Älvsbytalo customers were convincing.

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